In Kishinev anti-jewish pogrom the attacks was streets completely destroyed

In Kishinev anti-jewish pogrom the attacks, entire streets were almost completely destroyed. An English correspondent in Kishinev during the riot described the view from his hotel window as absolute devastation. The insults became increasingly personal. Rossman watched as one assailant screamed out his victim’s name and asked him in Moldavian, “Are you Ben-Zion?”

The Jew turned to him, saying, “Why, children? He was then killed with a pitchfork. A gentile woman who promised to hide Jews in her flat took pleasure in teasing them, approaching the hiding location every several minutes with news like, “You no longer have any stove,” or “You have no beds, no chairs, no table.”

In Kishinev anti-jewish pogrom, streets completely destroyed

In his notes, Davitt listed one Jewish victim involved in Monday’s violence as “Meyer Weissman.” Three children and one bride. His eye was gouged out. He wanted them to kill him. I saw him in his bed. A fine type of poor man. Yisroel Hayyim Steinberg, a wine vendor, watched helplessly as a mob of fifty attacked his father, who was 70 years old, and demanded money. The terrified man was unable to make more than a few stray sounds, and the throng reacted in quasi-Yiddish, “Gibbe gelt.” When it was discovered that he only had half a kopeck in his pocket, he was beaten to death. As the son informed Bialik, who spent much of his five weeks in Kishinev interviewing victims, We were hiding the entire time watching all this from behind a fence. Four people were hiding in the outhouse simultaneously.

It will never be known how many women and girls were raped during the two days. Davitt counted forty, based on evidence from a local rabbi, with others most likely failing to report for fear of losing husbands to divorce or, if unmarried, the opportunity to marry. (Rabbis informed Davitt that they had received divorce requests from the spouses of raped women.) In her apartment on Nikolaevskii Street, twenty-four-year-old Rivka Schiff, an immigrant from Romania who had been married for four years, was the victim of serial rape.

Her testimony to Bialik is by far the most lengthy, thorough, and horrifying of all such accounts:

When the wicked ones made their way from the roof into the attic, they attacked Zychick’s daughter, hitting her in the cheek with a tool and surrounding her. The force of the impact caused her to fall to the floor. They lowered her clothes, forced her head down, yanked her bottom up, and began slapping her buttocks with their hands. Then they turned her around again, spread her legs, covered her eyes, and closed her mouth so she couldn’t scream. One grabbed her from behind, as the others crouched around her, waiting their turn. They all did what they did in plain sight of the people in the attic.

Others jumped on me and my spouse. He attempted to flee, and I followed him. They jumped on him. “Give us the money!”” Mitya Kresilchik attempted to abuse me and demanded money. I appealed for mercy. “Do not touch me, Mitya. You’ve known me for many years. I have no money.” Others ripped apart the back of my dress; one smacked me and shouted, “If you don’t have any money, we’ll get it from you in another manner.” I fell to the ground, Mitya on top of me, and he began to have his way with me. The other gang members gathered around me and waited. My husband witnessed this, as did the other Jews in the attic. My spouse handed them his silver watch and chain. They assumed the chain was gold, and while they were inspecting it, he jumped [out of the attic and] to the ground. There, they beat him. The remaining Jews also jumped.

Only Sima Zychick and I were left there. They were insulting and abusing me. “It appears that you haven’t slept with a Gentile yet. I’m not sure how many had their way with me, but there were at least five, if not seven. As they finished, they came down one by one. One Gentile…came up and said, “Hide in the corner; a few more thugs will be here shortly. I will come soon with my wife and take you down.” I sat in the corner (with only my underpants and coat), and Sima Zychick appeared and sat next to me. We sat there quietly and still.

Someone immediately approached and began calling out the names of his buddies. He left when he noticed no one else was present. Then four others appeared, one after the other. One of them kneeled down and appeared to sympathize with my grief. He saw my earrings, ripped them from my ears, and wanted to attack me again. But at that moment, the other Gentile, the virtuous one stated earlier…came up, and right in front of him, two had intercourse with me and two with Sima.

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He tried to persuade them once more, cleverly stating, “You are Christians and are banned to abduct the women of Israel.” But then they intended to attack him as well, and he was terrified and simply tried to preserve our lives, saying, “Do whatever you want with them, but do not murder them.”

“The four finished, and the Gentile assisted me in covering my head with my shawl, while Sima held my hand as we went, accompanied by the Gentile to my mother’s house….There, too, everything had been ruined. I searched for my hubby. I wasn’t sure where he was. Was he dead or alive? I was squashed and crushed, like a vessel full of shame and filth. I returned to my residential courtyard.”